Keep Track of Your Expenses

Your solution to claiming expenses


  99% accurate data extraction with just one tap of your phone

   Categorizes expenses automatically for your self-assessment

  Email-in for electronic receipts

  Free download to get started, and 50% discount on prime pro – just £25 p/a

   Share your data with an accountant

   HMRC compliant - stores data for 6 years

Value to You

Not only are we offering you the 1tap “Prime Pro” package at a whopping 50% discount (saving you an immediate £25), we’re confident that by using 1tap to record ALL your legitimate business expenses you’ll literally save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in tax a year - not to mention lower accounting bills from your happy accountant if you have one!
Every year, the UK's self-employed struggle to get their yearly accounts information together and find the whole process both stressful and time-consuming. Many of them don't keep good records and collect their expense receipts in bags and boxes to be dealt with later which often results in higher accountancy and tax bills.
To solve this problem 1tap have developed a mobile only app that turns receipts into tax deductions with just one tap. Simply photograph a receipt, invoice, bill or even a train ticket (or email electronic ones directly into the app) and 1tap will extract all the key data and then categorise it as per the self-assessment form. Users can then submit the information directly to HMRC themselves or share their data with a trusted advisor or accountant to check and submit for them.
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