Staff Benefits

A rage of benefits to reward, develop, and inspire your staff.  We’ve also got some tools to increase both wellbeing and productivity.

Reward your staff with access to My Work Perks. With discounts on supermarkets, high street retailers, cinemas and a whole host more, complimented by a range of supported services. Entry level is free of charge to all employers and you’ll have your own branded platform.

If your team understand each other’s communication styles, wants and needs then the results for your business can be a huge boost in team communication,  morale and productivity. Get access to the market leading reports to take your team to the next level.

Understand what really makes your team tick with this core values analysis report. You and your team members can align their activities with what’s really important, ensuring a happier, more productive workforce.

Get your team working with maximum efficiency with the Microsoft suite of online services. Already a user? Reduce your Office 365 costs by up to 15% and gain access to extra levels of personalised support.

MyMindPal is a complete solution for your employees' mental fitness and wellbeing. Ensure your team are managing the stress of both work and home and keeping them at the top of their game where you can, and supporting them when times are harder.

Revolutionary new health care package, ensure your staff get the diagnosis they need right away before being returning back to the NHS for their treatment. A huge benefit at a fraction of the cost of traditional private healthcare.

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