Industrial & Manufacturing

If you’re producing and distributing goods then these are the benefits we think will help

Ensure you’re not paying over the odds on a key expense for your business. Our trusted partner will go to over 30 of the UK’s largest energy suppliers and use their preferential rates to ensure the best deal for your business (save an average of 20% on renewal quotes) and it’s all wrapped around a world class, personal service.

If you’ve developed bespoke machinery, processes, or software then it’s likely you can recoup some of the costs involved in doing that, including your staff’s time, direct from HMRC. There’s no upfront cost and the first step is just booking a call with our partner who are experts in the field.

Gain access to flexible business funding to help boost cashflow when you need it most. Borrow from £10,000 - 500,000 and have cleared funds within 3 days. You only pay for the amount you borrow at any one time and it’s always there on tap. Perfect for the next time you need to purchase a large amount of stock or develop your facilities.

If you’re distributing goods, then your fuel is an unavoidable overhead. Save up to 5p per litre on forecourt prices (more if your using motorway services) with our free fuel card. As well as the savings on fuel the reporting is all provided through an online system, making it easy for your accounting teams.

Training your team is essential if you want them to be an asset to your business, and may be a legal requirement. Improve is an online training portal covering a wide range of skills. We have a free trial for you, and after that it’s only £30 p/m for up to 20 members of staff. Add in the savings from time efficiency’s and you’re onto a winner.

If you’re importing or exporting goods then we’ll save you an average of 10% on an individual trade, but then potentially significantly more by working with our partner to develop a tailored strategy around your transactions.

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